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Jack Heksch

Jack Heksch is a Financial Planning Assistant at White Blaze Wealth Management where he supports the Advisors in research, analysis, strategy, and implementation of the client’s financial plan.  A financial plan needs monitoring and fine tuning as one progresses through life’s phases.  Jack works closely with the White Blaze team as they work to ensure that your goals align with your strategy.

In an effort to be closer to his family and part of a tight-knit team, Jack decided to join White Blaze Wealth Management in the summer of 2020.  He thrives in a challenging environment, especially one in which the strategy is to enhance the lives of those around him.  As he learns about the industry and all facets of the business, Jack will be on the path to become a subject matter expert in all things pertaining to financial planning.

Prior to joining White Blaze, Jack had the opportunity to work as an Operations Coordinator and Program Analyst to start his career.  Though in a different industry, the skills of comparing data against various metrics, uncovering overlooked opportunities, and understanding how company services intersect will prove to be very useful.

Jack grew up in Solon, OH with his parents and two brothers.  He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 2016 from The Ohio State University and is continuing his studies as he progresses in the financial industry.

 In his spare time, Jack enjoys reading, exercise, sporting events, and the cinema.