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Investment Management

White Blaze’s belief is that the best investment strategy for you is to build a portfolio that seeks to maximize your potential of meeting your goals. Simple as that. This is not meant to trivialize the painstaking amount of effort and resources we undertake to research investment securities and design individual portfolios. Yet, the most important thing is that we understand your goals, your time frames and your sensitivity to volatility. If we do and we are patient, then we have the best chance of success to develop an investment strategy that will deliver the results needed to help you accomplish your planning objectives.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Your investment portfolio should be designed to address your goals. The return needed to meet your goals is your benchmark.
  • Over time, value wins out. In the short run, the market is a voting machine, but in the long run it is a weighing machine (Benjamin Graham, author of The Intelligent Investor and Warren Buffett’s mentor)
  • A good defense is a good offense. Seek to protect on the downside and capture most of the upside.
  • Avoid the noise. Think independently. Harness the emotions of greed and fear.
  • Good stewardship matters. Act and invest like an owner. Eat your own cooking.
  • We are in this for the long-run. Be patient and disciplined. Measure results over a full market cycle.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Our Investment Process

  • Understand what’s important to you? Develop your financial plan.
  • Design custom portfolio. Client- driven, based on your goals and plan.
  • Security selection. Extensive research and evaluation.
  • Security placement. Opportunistic tax planning strategies.
  • Implementation strategy.Tax and market cycle considerations.
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and review. Daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Repeat the process! Continuous alignment of your portfolio with your goals.

White Blaze Wealth Management, Stratos Wealth Partners, Ltd. and LPL Financial do not provide tax advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of investing.