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Gary VanCauwenberge

Gary is the Chief Operating Officer and a partner of White Blaze Wealth Management. In this role he manages the processes, administration, and compliance activities of the firm. Gary works closely with every member of the team to collaboratively enhance the company’s value and service to our clients. Gary joined White Blaze Wealth Management in 2018.

Gary began his professional career as a collegiate volleyball and softball coach, working his way up to the NCAA II level, receiving several conference Coach-of-the-Year awards. Gary then became a certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Gary grew up in upstate NY and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education from Ohio Wesleyan University followed by a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Studies from Smith College in 2002. Gary and his wife, Chris, live in University Heights, OH with their daughter, James.

Outside of White Blaze, Gary enjoys spending time with family and friends. He is a triathlete and has completed two IRONMAN races.