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White Blaze Takes on The Cuyahoga River

White Blaze Takes on The Cuyahoga River

| September 04, 2018

“It’s not how hard your work, it’s how hard you work together!”  Many will argue that rowing is the ultimate team sport so White Blaze took to the Cuyahoga River to strengthen our team. 

Rowing is a sport where everyone has to understand their role and how it affects the team.  If one person pulls harder than the rest, the boat will veer off course.  If one person’s hands are too high or too low, the boat will tilt and become off balance, making it difficult for other teammates.  The boat will go fastest and straightest when everyone pulls in unity, with the same pressure on the oar, technique and rhythm.  And with clear vision and direction from the coxswain, we were able to promptly traverse our course.

 Naturally, we can draw many parallels to our industry.  We have a great team that treats each other as family rather than co-workers.  And with everyone heading in the same direction, working in harmony, we are definitely helping ourselves and those we service approach their goals.