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Centerstone's Founder, Abhay Deshpande visits White Blaze

Centerstone's Founder, Abhay Deshpande visits White Blaze

| October 10, 2017

Abhay Deshpande, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Centerstone Investors reserved a trip to Cleveland to visit the White Blaze team and share his market insights and portfolio positioning strategy during a highly volatile season.

Abhay is a seasoned value investor with over 25 years of experience researching and investing in global businesses.  Prior to establishing Centerstone, he was a Portfolio Manager at First Eagle Investment Management, advisor to the Global and Overseas strategies that comprised the vast majority of the firm’s approximately $100 billion in assets under management. Previously, Abhay was a Research Analyst with Harris Associates, advisor to the Oakmark International Fund, and an Analyst for Morningstar. 

Abhay built Centerstone’s operating principles to invest in what it believes are undervalued assets to potentially derive results for clients over a long-term market cycle, while aiming to protect their assets in a down market. 

“We're investors, not speculators," said Abhay. "By adhering to our time-tested intrinsic value methodology, it's our goal to keep our funds nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise on behalf of our investors."

Pictured above is Abhay with Bob on his left and Kyle and Natalie on his right.

Abhay Deshpande, Centerstone Investors, White Blaze Wealth Management, Stratos Wealth Partners and LPL Financial are each separate and unaffiliated entities.